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In dezelfde tijd als dat het probleem met Grieks cq ISO-8859-7 speelde waren er op het net ook vragen over Cyrillisch. Roger Cain zou graag Russische teksten in CAB willen zien. Terwijl ik toch aan het e-mailen was kon deze er ook nog wel af:

To: rcain@zetnet.co.uk

Dear Roger,

After your question about Cyrillic I came across similar questions about Greek. I found a Greek text at the ELOT site [greek standardization committtee] to experiment with. The patch I had in mind - as I had done for ISO Latin-2: Polish etc. - didn't work out. Importing the html-file in Papyrus 5.5, using the ISO-8859-7 filter and TimesNewRoman [from MS] I managed to get 'real' Greek on my screen. As this is not quite what I was hoping for I contacted Alexander Clauss and explained to him what I wanted. His immediate reaction was that it was quite complicated since TOS doesn't recognise multilingual charactersets. I suggested to him the solution ROM Software is using in Papyrus:

I realize that too, that's why I suggested a workaround = not patching TOS or something = the way Ulli Ramps and Christian Nieber do in Papyrus using separate characterset conversion files like ISO88592.map:

It'll still be a lot of work, but as I don't see a general solution by ways of TOS or NVDI {?ask the Behne's??} coming up soon [or at all] this workaround might give some relief.

The more people press him [A.Clauss] to do something about it might help. In CAB it should be relatively easy to react to the meta-tag:

<meta http-equiv="content-type" content="text/html;charset=ISO-8859-2">

and use the right filter.

Roger Cain reageerde prompte en in een afwisseling van mailtjes al of niet met daaraan geattacheerde bestanden kwamen we er uit.

Een suggestie die ik hem heb gedaan maar ook voor andere geldt is het ophalen van door MicroSoft gratis beschikbaar gestelde fontfiles.

Dat het Nederlandstalig zijn van een Atari-blad geen onoverkomelijk bezwaar hoeft te zijn bleek uit Roger's reactie - zij het dat hij twee tijdschriften door elkaar haalde!

>Thanks, Rein, for these files and info. I realise there is a lot I do
>not know about font handling - it's a shame I did not read your
>articles in ST Nieuws!

De grote grap is dat als de html-files binnengehaald zijn en je de juiste TrueType-fonts hebt, alles verder via Papyrus verloopt:

I'm not sure whether papyrus 4.5 will do the trick - rather not, the Papyrus 5 demo however is OK.

You have to follow quite a few steps:

- Einstellung - Kompatibilitaet should be set on 'Unicode'
- Einstellung - Import/Export
for Import you should choose the codepage
[Zeichenbelegung] - ISO 8859-5 or WIndows 1251 or Koi-8
[depending on the meta-tag in your html-file]
- Datei - Neues dokument
- write a few 'spaces' and move the cursor to the top of your text
- Edit - Alles auswaehlen
- Zeichen -Zeichensatz - Times NR or Arial
- Datei - Text importieren [your html-file]


The saved [in version 5.0 demo] *.pap file can be imported in Papyrus 4.5 [any version from 4.09 onwards].

Dit eenmaal wetend is het een fluitje van een cent en dat liet Roger Cain ook weten:

Date: Sun, 4 Jan 1998 23:14:00 GMT
Message-Id: <199801042314.XAA17832@irwell.zetnet.co.uk>
To: dziewon@xs4all.nl (dziewon@xs4all.nl)
From: rcain@zetnet.co.uk (Roger Cain)
Organization: Home of 'Arcane' Wisdom
Subject: Re: Cyrillic-in-papyrus
X-Mailer: NEWSie Version 0.84 (Atari)
X-UIDL: ecc876cd2a6676b8362bf6c4ed234d34
Status: N

>I'm not sure whether papyrus 4.5 will do the trick - rather not, the Papyrus 5 demo however is OK.

Aha! I have dug out a demo of v5.05 from the depths of the HD!

>You have to follow quite a few steps:
>- Einstellung - Kompatibilitaet should be set on 'Unicode'

Ah - this is the step I did not do yesterday.


Bingo, indeed! Yes, it all worked fine with Windows 1251 (Russ) as the Import filter. My son, who is the Russian speaker, says that the rendering makes perfect sense.

So .. I now have a good way of rendering Cyrillic web pages.

I save the page text and display it in Papyrus as you described using an MS 'Pan-Euro' font as you described :-)

You have been most helpful, Rein, thank you.

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Last updated on 26 december 2000

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