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Baghdad1 geeft een Baghd.pfb met een uitgebreide beschrijving:

This font contains Arabic glyphs, rather than abstract characters, and so cannot use a non-glyph encoding such as ASMO-449 or ISO 8859-6. Instead, Arabic glyphs are assigned character codes so that isolated forms are in the character code positions where the Roman upper case characters are in ASCII, and doubly-connected forms (or the final forms of those letters which do not connect to the left) are in the ASCII Roman lower case character positions. Generally, initial forms are on upper case character positions + 128, and final forms are on lower case characters + 128. The vowel diacritics, some miscellaneous characters, and Persian and Urdu letters are in positions 130-191.

The following table equates this font's glyphs with Unicode (ISO 10646 basic plane) characters (mainly compatibility characters from the FB50+ range).

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