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Vertaalbureau Dziewońska

All our work has been done on Atari computers along with the acquired software. Should you want to know:

A 1989 Mega ST4 having 280Mb of harddisk space, was used mainly for communication purposes like fax, file-transfer, electronic mail and Web-surfing. Unfortunately by the end of 1997 the machine succombed. Another TT030 filled in the gap and took over.

A 1991 TT030 having 710Mb of harddisk space, used mainly for word-processing [That's Write 3.1d] and Desk Top Publishing [Calamus SL 98]. And of course, everything connected with surfing the Internet!

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Having to work with Polish texts the problems that came by forced us to dig into the field of fonts and typefaces. I started to write articles on that subject for the Dutch Atari community and already planned to translate them into English but that may turn out to be a long-term project....

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